Renewable Energy Sources

01/ Biomass

Fundamental and the applied research, as well as the development of mathematical models of the combustion and heat transfer processes are aimed at development of the commercial devices in accordance with the industry.


         Research directions

-          Cigar combustion of the baled biomass (fuels: byproducts of the agricultural production and energy crops, collected in the form of bales)

-          Fluidized bed (FB) combustion (fuels: waste food oils, glycerin, paper industry sludge, residues from crude oil reservoirs, corn infected by aflatoxins, fruit stones, corn cob, wood chips, wood bark, pellets, etc.)

-          Combustion of fire wood  in the household furnaces and boilers

-          Combustion of the pulverized coal supported by the swirl burners

-          Co-combustion in energy plants

-          Ignition and fire support in the large-scale boilers burning low-grade pulverized coal and biomass dusts

-          Development of the thermal energy storage with phase change of medium

-          Numerical simulation of the processes of combustion and heat transfer, for the purpose of the technology and developed devices

-          Application of additives and catalysts for the purpose of optimization of the combustion process and environment protection

-          Investigation of the possibility of returning the biomass ash into the soil

-          Biomass gasification

-          Thermophysical characterization of the baled biomass (determining porosity, permeability, thermal conductivity)

-          Defining the impact of the cold flue gas recirculation on the global combustion kinetics of the baled biomass, as well as on the temperature decrease in the combustion process