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For dozens of years, the Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy (LTE) has been directing its fundamental, applied and developmental research projects towards the development and application of new energy technologies, processes and equipment, as well as solving current problems of domestic energy and the energy industry. Special, current topics are:

  • Energy, exploitation and environmental aspects of burning coal, biomass and waste materials,
  • Transfer of heat and matter in multiphase, multicomponent high-temperature processes with/without chemical reactions,
  • Renewable sources, sustainable development and rational energy management in the energy industry, industrial processes and construction facilities.

To solve these research and development problems, experienced scientific teams are available for the development and use of mathematical and numerical models for process simulation, modern measuring equipment and high-quality experienced teams for a wide range of thermal energy diagnostics, our own laboratory/experimental equipment and knowledge and experience from international cooperation, especially research projects within FP6, FP7, TEMPUS as well as projects financed by the Central European Initiative.

Thanks to the introduced quality system (according to the SRPS ISO/IEC 17025 standard) in the field of thermal energy diagnostics (accredited testing laboratory ATS number 01-264, for the characterization of solid fuels, combustion products and thermotechnical tests and accredited laboratory ATS number 02-003 for calibrating temperature gauges, pressure and humidity that work for numerous commercial users), decades of experience and achieved references, LTE is the leading institution in the region for:

  • warranty testing of new/revitalized thermal energy equipment (electrofilters, heat exchangers, air heaters) and thermal power plants and heating plants,
  • process tests of thermal energy equipment and plants with the aim of diagnosing operational problems, defining the condition of equipment and processes or improving energy efficiency and reducing the negative impact of energy plant operation on the environment,
  • adjustments of equipment and processes in order to overcome operational problems or improve energy efficiency and reduce the negative impact of energy plant operation on the environment,
  • application of numerical simulation with the aim of analyzing operational problems or improving energy efficiency and reducing the negative impact of energy plant operation on the environment. One of the examples is the developed mathematical model and software for the simulation of current-thermal processes in the firebox of an energy steam boiler with coal powder combustion, which enables a detailed analysis/optimization of the operation of the firebox and boiler from the aspects of energy efficiency and reduction of pollutant emissions such as nitrogen and sulfur oxides.
  • normative tests of energy equipment, plants and entire thermoblocks,

The promotion and application of renewable energy sources is one of LTE's priority activities. As a result of many years of work, technology was developed for cigarette burning of baled agricultural biomass with combustion in a fluidized layer of its own ash. Appropriate mathematical models were also developed to optimize the entire process.

LTE is a certified institution for the preparation of studies on the energy efficiency of buildings and the issuance of energy passports. For designed objects based on numerical simulation and for constructed objects based on measurements according to international standards, LTE evaluates the thermophysical characteristics of the building envelope, the characteristics of indoor air, sound, light and thermal comfort. LTE also offers consulting services, preparation of previous studies, feasibility studies, business plans, cost-benefit analysis in the field of thermal energy, for which it has many years of experience and numerous business clients, among which the most important are EPS, NIS and competent ministries in the fields of science, energy and environmental protection.